Get The Lead Out Loan Program Forms

Listed below are all forms required for loans through MassHousing's Get the lead Out program. The list has been divided into two categories: Borrower forms, which must be executed by the borrower; and Lender forms, which assist the lender in originating, closing, packaging and selling eligible loans to MassHousing.

Lenders are expected to use FNMA, FHLMC and HUD standard documents and forms for all mortgage loan applications and mortgage loans. In some instances, a lender form and/or a Commonwealth form may be used to comply with state requirements. There are, however, forms unique to MassHousing's programs that must be completed and/or distributed.

 Get the Lead Out Monitoring Forms
Document  Form #LPM-014: Monitoring Document Checklist
Document  Form #LPM-015: Extension Request
Document  Form #LPM-016: Final Inspection and Release of Funds
Document  Form #LPM-017: Borrower Letter of Completion
Document  Form #LPM-018: Contractor Letter of Completion
 Other Get the Lead Out Forms
Document  Get the Lead Out Program Guidelines
Document  Simplified Debt-to-Income Worksheet | Get the Lead Out Prequalifi...
Document  Simplified Debt-to-Income Worksheet | Get the Lead Out Prequalifi...