First Mortgage and Mortgage Insurance Fund Forms

Listed below are all forms required for MassHousing's first mortgage programs, as well as forms for the Mortgage Insurance Fund.

Lenders are expected to use FNMA, FHLMC and HUD standard documents and forms for all mortgage loan applications and mortgage loans. In some instances, a lender form and/or a Commonwealth form may be used to comply with state requirements. There are, however, forms unique to MassHousing's programs that must be completed and/or distributed.

 Pre-Closing Forms
Document  FirstLook/Rehab Review Checklist (Fillable PDF)
 Income Limits for Locks Prior to September 3, 2019
Document  Form #L-101 - MassHousing Income and Mortgage Loan Limits (for lo...
 MassHousing Mortgage with Rehab Forms
Web Link  MANDATORY -Fannie Mae Form 1004D: Appraisal/Completion Report
Document  Borrowers/Contractors Completion Certificate
Document  Consumer Tips
Document  Extension Request Form
Document  Form #B-004: Rehabilitation Loan Rider (Rehab loans ONLY)
Document  MassHousing Monitoring Worksheet
Document  Maximum Mortgage Worksheet
Document  Sample Escrow Agreement
 Mortgage Insurance Fund Forms
Document  MIPLUS Income Limits for Standard and Discounted Premiums
Document  Mortgage Payment Protection Borrower Disclosure and Claim Procedu...
Document  Mortgage Payment Protection Benefits Application
Document  MIF Claim Form
Document  MIF Claim Form Instructions
Document  How to Order MI