AUS Recommendations

MassHousing's Relationship Managers are here to assist you with scenarios, questions and ineligible AUS Recommendations. Please feel free to call us at 888-843-6432 or email homeownership@masshousing.com.

Acceptable AUS recommendations

  • Approve/Eligible & Eligible/Accept
  • Approve/Ineligible (Rehab only)
  • Out-of-Scope: Credit only on 1 Unit, Condo, PUD
  • Feature Codes DO®/DU® – "HFA Preferred"
  • LPA® - Single, condo, PUD - "HFA Advantage"
  • LPA® - 2 – 4 Unit Properties "Home Possible"

Our team can also assist with more information on our newest product, WFA 2.0, which offers statewide DPA to eligible borrowers with no MI cost to borrower or lender. We also provide weekly WFA 2.0 Trainings. Click here to see a list of our trainings, including WFA 2.0.